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Cross-cluster cooperation in Saxony

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Saxony has been and still is an industrialized region with one of the highest innovation levels in Europe. Saxon enterprises and R&D institutions are important partners in global networks and value chains, and by 2020, Saxony's industry will be the essential pillar of innovation again. Being active in promising future fields, Saxony is expected to reach top positions in national, European and global competition.

Path-breaking future innovations are most likely to emerge at the interface of traditional industries and Key Enabling Technologies. These innovations may establish entirely new industrial value chains, so-called emerging industries.

In its Innovation Strategy which shapes future developments in innovation and public policy, the Free State of Saxony fosters emerging industries with a cross-innovation approach which widens the base for technology applications and enables synergies.

The EU-funded project C3-Saxony contributes towards the implementation of this cross-innovation approach by initiating and supporting innovation activities at the interface of microelectronics and life sciences, especially in the areas of personalized medicine and mobile services.

Building on its strong position in microelectronics and biotechnology, Saxony has a great potential to further develop emerging industries at the crossing point of these Key Enabling Technologies.

Solutions emerging in C3-Saxony will provide important answers to current societal challenges like demographic change while having the potential for high economic growth.

Innovation Strategy of the Free State of Saxony

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