We propose a sensor technology for a direct, ultra-fast and ultra-sensitive detection of chemical and biological substances. Our idea is based on field-effect transistors (FETs) made from semiconducting carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

For such CNT-FETs, Fraunhofer ENAS and project partners have developed a powerful technology for wafer-scale integration and functionalization of the CNTs. So far, the detection of biomedical samples is preceded by time-consuming reactions (e.g. polymerase chain reactions) that usually take several hours or days before a result is obtained. In laboratory studies, CNT-FET-based sensors have proven suitable for the detection of biological substances on a molecular level without amplification and over several orders of magnitude. Here we see our wafer-level approach as the key pathway towards industrially made sensors that are faster, more accurate and more dynamic as current alternatives and beyond that capable of being manufactured as modular, application-driven and customer-defined sensor arrays.

We look for partners (e.g. industrial players from sensor technologies or medical diagnostics) for a R&D project that will to push forward this unique sensor concept for specific applications in the sectors of medical and environmental diagnostics.

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