Carbon Nanotubes


ProNT is a spin-off foundation project at the TU Dresden. Our team consists of five specialists with complementary experiences and emphases in the production of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with defined electronic properties.

The products are ready-to-use materials which can be used in the development and production of innovative CNTs-based applications like field effect transistors, ultrasensitive (bio)sensors and nanophotonic devices. With this business idea, ProNT won the FutureSAX Idea Contest 2014.

Carbon nanotubes have extraordinary electronic and thermal conductivities and, therefore, they belong to the emerging materials for the semiconductor industry. Conventionally produced CNTs are not optimal in their quality, because of the presence of metallic nanotubes and chemicals, which induce dysfunctions of CNT-based devices.

ProNT is able to synthesize pure, catalyst-free, aligned CNTs. Such CNTs can be easily integrated into devices, e.g., sensors which can detect extremely small concentrations of target biomolecules.

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