Finding Lipid Signatures


One class of biomolecules that was long forgotten in the –omics upheaval in biology are the lipids. We know that a substantial part, especially in our brains is made up of greasy molecules. Lipids do not only form the matrix of cell membrane but they are also directly involved in membrane trafficking, in regulating membrane protein function, in cellular architecture and in creating specific sub-compartments in membranes that contribute to cellular communication.

All this implies that cholesterol and triacylglycerol, which have so far been the only lipid readouts in clinical medicine, should now be replaced by full lipidomic signatures, comprised of the spectrum of lipids that cell membranes contain. These signatures can then be used to characterize health and different disease states. Also nutritional research will be invigorated by the novel methodologies that are being introduced to analyze the lipidomes of blood and tissue samples.

The development of nutraceuticals is directly bound to the emergence of clinical lipidomics. Lipotype ShotgunLipidomics presents a dedicated approach for unraveling lipidomes, down to the level of molecular lipid species. It provides a quantitative, structural, multi-parametric and therefore robust read-out for biomarker discovery in clinical, pharmaceutical and nutritional research. The challenge is now to analyze the large amounts of lipid data generated by ShotgunLipidomics to identify multiparametric lipid signatures.

We are searching partners who have competencies in software, IT solutions, experience in biomarker identification, etc. for the analysis of lipidomics big data.

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