Hybrid Drive Wheelchair

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Two percent of the world’s population, approx. 140 million people, are confined to a wheelchair. Even if the person is physically fit, mobility by using a manual wheelchair always means high effort to move. Especially if the underground is not flat and not smooth, it´s hard to move in a wheelchair (e.g. conquering gradients, curbs, ramps and impassable underground). Thus it takes a longer time to cover distances and overcome obstacles. As a consequence, wheelchair users cannot participate as easy as non wheelchair users in everyday life. Because of that, they are often not fully integrated in society. The MANELEC is built to set an end of those limitations.

By changing the conventional tires of the wheelchair and adding the MANELEC electrical power module, this innovative hybrid drive supports the physical capabilities of its users individually. An extremely sensitive sensor measures motion and muscle force. Combined with special algorithms programmed into an intelligent electronic control device, the MANELEC drive is able to generate a feeling of weightless movement for its users. The new drive concept of the MANELEC is also based on a new transmission system. Structural parts built of new materials such as carbon fiber result in a much better product than competitive products on the market.

The MANELEC hybrid drive is not only lighter, smarter and more robust, it is also significantly cheaper and affordable for everybody. To conclude, the MANELEC makes your life more flexible, independent and more mobile. It keeps you healthier by supporting but not replacing the natural movement of a manual wheelchair. You´re able to experience your life in a new way of weightless moving. Everything is possible - with the MANELEC.

In order to accomplish our aim we are constantly looking for partners to co-operate with. Especially we need partners in logistics and investors.

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