Measuring Biological Cells

ZellMechanik Dresden

The project "ZellMechanik Dresden" works towards the commercialization of a biophysical device capable of measuring mechanical properties of single biological cells. These properties depend on the intrinsic cell structures which often become altered as soon as changes in cell function occur. For example, cells become softer during malignant transformation and stiffer during differentiation.

We developed a new, patent-protected method - real-time deformability cytometry (RT-DC) - to measure mechanical properties of heterogeneous cell populations at rates of several hundred cells per second in real-time. Our vision is to establish it as a standard application in modern drug development and medical diagnostics.

We seek partners, service providers and consulting for the development and production of mechanical and electronic parts of the device. We are looking especiallyfor scalable solutions of disposable microfluidic chips including channels with dimensions of 10 micrometers.

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