NanoscopiX - Product innovation in Biophotonics

The health system intensifies its efforts for an "active preventive medicine" that will result in increasing demand for personalized types of treatment.

NanoscopiX develops a new optical in-vitro diagnostics platform based on cryo-fluorescence with broad application range and very attractive market potential. The label-free approach allows the determination of biomarkers from body fluids under their native conditions and in clinical relevant concentrations. That innovative methodology builds on the direct measurement of characteristic autofluorescence signals of biomolecules at ultra-deep temperatures. Such conditions inhibit random movement of molecules or formation of complex structures that would quench the autofluorescence in ambient settings.

A dual development strategy facilitates qualitative as well as quantitative presentation of clinical parameters by the mean of Cryo-Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Spatial resolution of native biomolecules will be achievable by Cryo-Fluorescence Microscopy.

NanoscopiX is looking for strategic partners in the microscopy market as well as for providers of laser technologies. Further demand has been identified in segments like software development, industrial design and product marketing.

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