Neural Implants

Development of intelligent neural implants

The aim of this project is to design power‐efficient implants with a programmable high‐speed computing unit on board for the detection of precursors of epileptic seizures.

The brain activity‐monitoring system shall be miniaturized and light‐weight. It shall be capable to exchange data through a wireless Radio‐Frequency communication channel with a portable device/medical measurement system. The architecture of the computing unit shall leverage upon the parallel processing power of the Cellular Neural Network paradigm, enabling a real‐time energy‐efficient extraction of spatio‐temporal features from the biological data, leading to the classification of the current neural activity.

The reconfigurable hardware platform shall enable out‐of‐hospital health care and provide assistance in neuro‐surgical intervention. Under precursor detection, it shall warn the patient/physician, or trigger the electrical stimulation of the affected brain region to weaken the strength of the forthcoming seizure, or activate an apparatus for the measurement of health parameters, e.g. blood pressure or pulse rate.

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