We propose a novel concept for functionalization of carriers (PolCarr®) by surface-near electrostatic forces (SNEF) for diverse applications in biotechnology. PolCarr® consists of a locally doped Si wafer with an ultra-thin insulating top layer and a characteristic SNEF pattern. The selective binding of the electrically polarizable material, e.g. polyelectrolytes, bacteria, viruses, and human cells, is purely driven by SNEF. Further on, by attaching a structured bottom electrode to PolCarr® and bias altering, SNEF can be controlled precisely in the nm to mm range, permitting also transport and release of the target material.

We are looking for cooperation partners for R&D projects , e.g. to proof that the functionality of PolCarr® is retained during:

  • Autoclaving for sterilization (+121 °C, high pressure steam, 15–20 min)
  • Incubation for cell growth (+37 °C, pH, CO2, O2, N2, hours-days)
  • Cryogenic applications for shock freezing (-196 °C, days-weeks-months).

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