Screening Test for Dyslexia


About 5 % of all German school children are affected by dyslexia, a severe disorder in the acquisition of reading and writing. Dyslexia causes problems not just at school, but also later on at the job. Overall costs for dyslexia can be estimated at 3.5 billion €/year in Germany. Genetic influence on dyslexia is estimated at ca. 50-70 %. Furthermore, characteristic EEG signatures are known.

Main problem for a successful early intervention is the late diagnosis, normally not before the end of the 2nd grade of primary school.

Our aim is to develop an early screening test for dyslexia, based on early detectable biological markers like EEG and genetics.
The final test equipment (e.g. for pediatricians) will consist of a simplified EEG-device with software for automated analysis and a saliva sample for genetic analysis.

Germany will be the first market. After successful implementation, an adaptation for other European languages is planned.

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